The A.R.T. of Survival

Chip Ingram
10 Sessions
10 min per study

About this Study

In this 10-session study of James 1, Chip takes just 10 minutes a day to help you learn The A.R.T. of Survival. The gospel promises victory, not victimhood, but sometimes in this broken world it feels like we can barely survive, let alone thrive!
Day One

How Can You Survive This Chaotic World?

Welcome to The A.R.T. of Survival — and congratulations on committing to spending 10 days together! As we look at James 1, we're going to learn how to study the Bible, and we'll get an overview of three concepts for surviving our chaotic age: an Attitude to embrace, a Resource to ask for, and a Theology to believe!
Let's get going! In this session we'll start unpacking James 1:2-4 and ask ourselves, What does it say? When our faith is tested by today's trials, what does God command us to do?
Welcome back! Today we'll see how having the right attitude when faced with tough times makes all the difference. God's goal is for you to be joyful and spiritually mature.
Today's lesson is packed with four crucial truths that undergird the right attitude we need to survive our trials, and three empowering questions to ask yourself. Let's get started!
Welcome back as we shift to the second part of The A.R.T. of Survival. What is the wonderful Resource God offers us for getting through difficulties, and what should be our wise response?
Sometimes it's hard to ask for help. Sometimes it's hard to believe God is going to provide it! In today's study, we'll see how God responds to anyone who needs His wisdom to get through another day.
Maybe you're experiencing right now what everyone experiences once in a while. You're at your wits' end about something in your life. Well, today's study is just what you need to hear!
Welcome back! As we begin the last section of James 1:1-12, we find hope in what it says about those who persevere under trial. God has a big promise awaiting you!
How does God look upon our difficult times? James makes it clear that we need to put on His “lens” -- the lens of faith, hope, and love. Let's learn how!
Congratulations on reaching Day 10! That's awesome! You are beloved by God, and He promises to provide you with His strength and encouragement as you learn The A.R.T. of Survival!

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