Yes! You Really CAN Change

Chip Ingram
19 Sessions
10 min per study

About this Study

This 19-day journey exploring Ephesians 4 will strengthen your Bible study skills and help you develop the habit of being in God’s Word every day. Chip will also help you learn what to do when you’re spiritually stuck and how to connect with the Holy Spirit to find transformation.
Day One

Do You Wonder if You Really can Change?

Welcome to this 19-day journey in Ephesians 4! We open with an introduction to what you can expect from this experience, as we focus on this key question: Where do you sense God is asking you to change?
In this session, we remind ourselves from Ephesians 1-3 that we don't live for God's approval, we live from God's approval. Then we look at Ephesians 4, identifying five sections we'll tackle in depth in the days to come!
Today, we're going to start looking in depth at the words of Ephesians 4:1-6. Grab your Bible and journal and get ready to answer the first question of Bible study, What does it say?
In this lesson we look at the second question of Bible study, What does it mean? The answers point to how important relationships are when it comes to developing a worthy walk with God!
The third question of Bible gets personal! What does it mean to me? In today's lesson you'll think through how to walk worthy. What steps can you put in place today?
Welcome back and congrats on sticking with the study! Here we start three lessons on a challenging passage to learn how what Jesus did on the cross can empower us toward change today!
Today's lesson require us to go a little deeper than you might be used it. But it's worth the effort! You'll come away having figured out a powerful truth about victory over sin!
Okay, today we're going to ask, What's the application of this complex passage? Let's look at the truths we find there and pull out the principles that can apply to us today!
Today we start a new passage! What does it say? We're going to discover what it says about how God designed the Church, with love and maturity in mind. Let's jump in!
Do you know how God builds His Church? In today's passage, let's answer the question, What does it mean and discover what God is changing you into.
This session is such a crucial one! Take your time in the study. Ask God to reveal just where He wants you to focus your attention as you grow in knowledge of Him.
Do you know what an “oxymoron” is? That's what Christians are whose lives haven't changed. Do you know what it means to “put off” your old life, renew your mind, and “put on” your new life?
Welcome back to this important passage! Remember, you may be the greatest Christian some people may ever meet. Are you showing them a renewed mind, true righteousness and holiness?
Let's get practical! Paul describes specific behaviors -- righteous and unrighteous -- in five areas of life. Which areas are where you need to put some extra attention today?
Get ready! Today Chip gives you your training objective, command, actions, and apparatus to achieve your goal of developing the habit of speaking the truth 24/7. Let's get started!
Congratulations on not skipping your training today, no matter how you felt! Station 2 is all about emotions, especially the habit of appropriately expressing anger.
Time to get to work! At Station 3 you'll build up your understanding of how God views work, and learn exercises for building the habit to working “unto the Lord.”
Glad you're back! Training can be tough but don't get overwhelmed! Think positive, speak positive, and be positive. Remember, it matters to the Holy Spirit how we live.
Congratulations! You've accomplished 19 days of discipleship! Station 5 is a wonderful final session, focusing on relational harmony, love, and forgiveness. Ask God how to continue changing and becoming more like Him!

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