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Chip Ingram
17 Sessions
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About this Study

This 17-day journey exploring Romans 12 will help you develop the habit of being in God’s Word every day. Not only will this help you learn how to study the Bible, but Chip will also show you how to put true spirituality into practice in every relationship of your life.
Day One

How Do You Give God What He Wants the Most?

Welcome to this 17-day journey in Romans 12! Today you'll receive an introduction, an outline of what you should expect from this experience, and instructions on how this study works. We're going to talk about: How Do You Give God What He Wants The Most.
In this session, we're going to dig into the entire chapter. We're going to learn to study the Bible together in a way where you will understand the context of the whole book of Romans, what that means to those who received this letter and what it means to us.
Today, we're going to look in depth at Romans 12:1. Grab your Bible, and today we're going to ask and answer the question, "What Exactly Does It Mean To Be A Living Sacrifice?" What does this first verse really say to you and me?
Welcome back. Today we're going to ask and answer the question, “What does it mean?” Not just “What does it say?” but “What does it mean?” And really, what we're going to ask and answer is “What Does It Mean To Be All In As A Jesus Follower?”
Today is a really important day. We've learned that Romans 12:1 is about surrender and total commitment through which God's biggest and best blessings flow. I don't want you to miss out on God's Best For Your Life.
This is so important: I want to remind you that God has great things for us. As we look at verse 2 of chapter 12, we're going to learn how to get the very best from God; to Find Sure Spiritual Transformation.
The question I'm asked the most is this: How Can You Know God's Will? Grab your Bible and let's dig in to find out how to win the battle against this world system that's pitted against God's will in your life.
Today I will ask you a very personal question: What in your life do you want to change but you just don't seem to change? We're going to discuss about how you can renew your mind and win that battle.
Today we're going to learn how to come to grips with the real you and discuss issues of identity. I'm excited to explore this with you. Open your Bible and let's turn to Romans 12:3-8.
I'm excited to dig into Romans 12:3-8 with you. Today, we're going to ask, “What does this mean?” And you're going to learn right from Scripture who you are, where you belong, and what you're supposed to do.
This passage is so important because it basically says you are gifted and that you matter. But we do need to ask and answer a really penetrating question: "How do I overcome the obstacles that stop me from knowing my purpose?"
I read recently that the greatest social disease in America is loneliness, and unfortunately, Christians aren't exempt. God longs for us to be connected in life-giving relationships. We're going to learn how that can really be your experience and mine.
Someone has rightly said our greatest need in the world is to be deeply loved and then to give love. I call it authentic community. How do you actually experience it? That's what we're going to look at today.
Did you ever wonder why you get stuck? Today, we're going to learn how to get unstuck because there's a special environment that you have to be in for the seed of God's Word to grow to maturity.
Let me ask you a question. Has someone hurt you or someone that you love? Honestly, do you feel resentment or feel bitter and you just can't get over it? Today we're going to study Romans 12:14-21 and God is going to help us deal with that.
Today we're going to find out what this interpretation question means: "How Can You Respond To The Injustices In The World." This contains such an important application. Let's dig into God's Word.
It's hard to believe that this is our final session together. God is calling us to make a difference. Today, we're going to learn how we can light a candle in a dark world and how ordinary people like you and me can really make a difference!

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